Who We Are

Suntricity is an innovative solar module company dedicated to achieving costs that are below other forms of energy through the manufacture of thin film solar modules by 2016.

Think of Suntricity as a critical ‘node’ in the global energy network supplying solar power to a variety of energy networks at a cost that makes solar available to everyone.

Our proprietary process uses:

  • Unmatched reactive inks
  • Inexpensive and readily available materials
  • Less costly, traditional printing techniques

The founders of Suntricity formulated an enduring strategy: enter the marketplace below the cost of other forms of energy without relying on subsidies or scale-up cost reductions.

Suntricity has developed reactive inks which facilitate a “print on demand” manufacturing strategy that adjusts to fluctuating supply and demand conditions. This provides the capability to withstand short and long term changes in the Global Economy. Suntricity is targeting the entire energy market.

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The Suntricity Advantage

There are three factors that set Suntricity apart from its competitors:

  • A market focused business model

  • Our scalable production processes

  • Patented technology

Suntricity is a third-generation leader with a direct path to global parity with grid power. Our patented, reactive inks enable pattern printing of the PV module using highly scalable, continuous roll-to-roll printing equipment.


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28 August 2012

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27 January 2012

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